Hot Dogs
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What ballpark review would be complete without a review of the hot dogs.  Here are Allan's views on America's greatest food.

Stadium Grade Comments
Pro Player Stadium C A standard dog with nothing to distinguish it
Tropicana Field D Lukewarm dog - yuck
Veterans Stadium B+ Good flavor (Pattie really liked them)
Shea Stadium B A solid entry, hot and flavorful
Olympic Stadium A Excellent dogs from the hot dog vendor in the main food area behind home plate, grilled onions and peppers a nice add.
Skydome B+ Special hot dog stands with very tasty dogs
Fenway Park B+ Extra marks for being a Fenway Frank but really nothing to make it stand out
Jacobs Field B- Dog was good but no onions
Comerica Park D Aggressive vendor delivered sub-par dog (Lesson learned: never buy a dog from a vendor in the stands - the dogs are not as fresh and you have to use the condiments in the foil packages)
PNC Park B Good quality dog with good condiments
Camden Yards B Dollar dog night!  Good condiments 
Great American Ball Park A+ Short dog with Skyline Chili is unbeatable
Turner Field A- Hot dog stand in the fan area behind center field had 18(?) different kinds of dogs.  I had a Georgia Dog with coleslaw and Vidalia onion relish that was excellent.  Max had the Southwest Dog with Chili, Cheese and Jalapenos which he really liked.
Ballpark in Arlington C Nothing memorable
Minute Maid Park A- Special dog with chili
Bank One Ballpark B+ Diamond dog was tasty
Qualcomm Stadium C Nothing special here
Dodger Stadium B Dodger dog is good but overrated
U.S. Cellular Field B+ Dogs with good flavor delivered from special stands serving dogs and sausages
Miller Park A- Kosher dogs were big, tasty, and there was sauerkraut available with the condiments
Edison International Field B- I thought the flavor of the dogs was lacking but Pattie was impressed that they were hot
Pacific Bell Park B+ The dogs were fair but they got the plus for having sauerkraut and grilled onions
Network Associates Coliseum A- Excellent dogs that had a nice smoky flavor.  Dogs are from Miller.  Sauerkraut, onions, relish, ketchup and mustard were available as condiments.
Safeco Field B Good dogs, though a little light on flavor, but another good condiment park with onions, relish, ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut.
Coors Field A- Three kinds of dogs here - a Super Dog (which is a regular hot dog), a Kosher Dog and the World Famous Rockies Dog (a foot long with extra condiments.  I tried both the Super Dog and the World Famous Rockies Dog with grilled onions and peppers.  (I skipped the sauerkraut.)  The dogs had a good smoked flavor and the buns were substantial and may have been lightly toasted.
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome B+ Extra fat dog with sesame seed bun (!).  Dog is made by Hormel, which is local.  The dog was tasty and they had sauerkraut as well as mustard, ketchup and onions.
Busch Stadium A- Grilled Kosher dog was excellent with a slight crunch from the grilling.  Grilled onions were a nice addition as was the sesame seed bun.
Kaufman Stadium C The dogs were ok but only ketchup and mustard are available as condiments.  Better sausages were available but the dogs could use an upgrade.
Yankee Stadium C- The dogs were only fair and the only condiments available are in the foil packages.  See Comerica for my feelings about the foil packages.
Wrigley Field B- The standard stadium dog is good but nothing special.  There are a couple of vendors claiming to sell a "Chicago Style" dog but they only offer a poor imitation.  Could have gotten an A+ with a true Chicago dog.