Max's Food Reviews
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Max, in his quest to become either a chef or a food critic, reviews the food he has eaten on the trip.

Location Type of Food Rating Comments
Pro Player Stadium Hot Dog C Not anything special just an ok hot dog not one of my favorites
Tropicana Field Chicken fingers B Good fingers but the fries weren't very good, there were plenty of sauces such as BBQ, Honey, ketchup, and mustard.
Johnny Harris Dinner-Pork plate A Very tender pork and great mashed potatoes on a plate with great barbecue sauce.
Veterans Stadium Hot Dog B Pretty juicy but in my opinion not great if you eat it plain.
Lynn's Kitchen Dinner-Pork chops A+ I have one word for this Dinner Delicioso!
Shea Stadium Hot Dog A- My favorite kind of wieners. The bun wraps around almost all of the dog so it is easy to eat and not very messy. even though the bun covers most there is a place for the spicy mustard that they had.
Eggseptional Breakfast-Bagel Benedict A+ 2 bagel halves with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce piled on top.
Olympic Stadium Hot Dog A With the right mix of peppers, mustard, and grilled onions the taste is great.
The Blue Cactus Dinner-Jambalaya Linguine B Linguine with a red sauce and shrimp, sausage, and peppers.
Skydome Hot Dog A- The same as Montreal but my experience was worse because of too many peppers.
Noelle and Eric's Kitchen Dinner-Delivery wings and pizza A Traditional pizza with above average wings.
Fenway Park Hot Dog B Just  like Shea but less succulent.
Houlian's Late night snack- Appetizers B+ Chicken Quesadillas with Guacamole, Buffalo wings, and Potato skins.
Jacobs Field Sushi A 9 California rolls with firm avocado.
Kokubo's Kitchen Dinner-chicken soup and salad A The soup was average but the chicken salad was a great thing I had never tried before.
Comerica Park Hot dog C- I'm sure the hot dogs would have been great but they were from a vender and they didn't stay fresh and the condiments were in packages witch isn't as good and is more messy.
The Hyatt Breakfast-North coast A The North coast breakfast was poached eggs with smoked salmon and an english muffin
PNC Park Nachos B Average nachos with salsa, cheese, and jalapenos.
Camden Yards Hot Dog B+ Regular good Hot Dogs on dollar hot dog night.
Great American Ball Park Kielbasa A A new sausage I hadn't had before that was delicious. 
Sticky Fingers Dinner- Ribs A+ 8 ribs with 5 choices of flavoring, dry, wet,  whiskey, hot, and sweet.
Turner Field Hot Dog A+ A 10"er with beefy chili, melted cheese, and jalapenos.
Emeril's Del Monico Dinner- Mahi-Mahi A++ As an appetizer I had barbecue shrimp with a foccacia bread in a great sauce. For an entree I had a special of Mahi-Mahi in a mango sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes.
Ballpark in Arlington Hot Dog B A regular hot dog.
Minute Maid Park Build your own Burrito A A new interesting idea that was very tasty and had lots of choices.
Bank One Ballpark Buffalo chicken sandwich B+ A very cool restaurant called taste of the majors which had a food from every NL Ballpark. The sandwich from Montreal was a boneless chicken breast that pretty spicy and had lettuce on it.
Tortilla Factory Dinner-Tacos B Quite a bit of beef and chicken on a plate with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, pico de gallo, and of course, tortillas.
Qualcomm Stadium Hot Dog A A juicy Wienerschnitzel.
Dodger Stadium Hot Dog B- An ok grilled dog with ok flavor. The dog was long but too long for the bun
U.S. Cellular Field Hot Dog B Good dog with a secret sauce.
Miller Park Hot Dog B An average dog but the onions were frozen.
Edison International Field Hot Dog B- Nothing memorable
Big Sur Restaurant & Bakery Dinner - Salmon A+ Delish salmon with awesome potatoes
Pacific Bell Park Chowder A+ Lots of choices - garlic fries, chowda, dogs
Network Associates Coliseum Hot Dog B Good dogs with lots of condiments
Nikki & Ed's Dinner - Steak A A juicy steak on a nice night
Pike's Place Market Lunch - Sausage A Very spicy chorizo sausage with mustard and onions
Safeco Field Hot Dog B- Nothing to write home about
Coors Field Sushi A+ Great sushi, California rolls were very tasty and great selection
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Hot Dog B Big dog with a sesame seed bun
Busch Stadium Hot Dog B+ Ok dog with grilled onions
Kauffman Stadium Hot Dog B- Plain dog
Lynn's Kitchen Breakfast - Crepes A++ Great crepes with fruit filling and whipped cream
Wrigley Field Hot Dog B+ Juicy dog with pepper, grilled onions and spicy mustard