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The Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden

Delray Beach, Florida

Beautiful Japanese style gardens and a museum with an exhibition of Japanese American baseball memorabilia. A great two hour visit.

Busch Gardens

Tampa Bay, Florida

April 28, 2003

A great combination of water rides (watching the Tidal Wave was the wettest of all), roller coasters (Montu is one of the tallest inverted coasters anywhere), wildlife and gardens. A whole day of fun.

Savannah, Georgia

June 14, 2003

Beautiful, historic southern city. Old part of town is laid out with 21 squares surrounded by homes, churches and some shops. Couldn't find the statue featured on the cover of the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Pattie was very disappointed.) It would have been nice to have a whole day here to tour the city.

Johnny Harris

Savannah, Georgia

June 14, 2003

We have been eating barbecue sauce from this restaurant for years thanks to Menis, who has been sending us bottles. It was a treat to actually visit the restaurant and buy a few more bottles to restock our supply. The BBQ pork plate and Brunswick Stew were very tasty.

Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia

June 16, 2003

The buildings are beautiful and the history is interesting. It is a definite must for American History buffs; a good depiction of the life and our leaders pre-Independence. A little slow for the kids, but the parents are happy that we introduced them to this culture.

The Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museum

Washington DC

June 17, 2003

A classic museum. We spent about an hour on our way to Baltimore. There is so much to see and do that spending an hour is like going to a great restaurant and only getting to read the menu. We liked the WW II exhibit, seeing all the famous planes hanging from the ceiling, and touching the moon rock.

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum

Baltimore, Maryland

June 17, 2003

A small museum in the house where the Babe was born. Includes a wall of plaques for each of Babe's home runs that list the number, date, pitcher and the pitcher's home town; some interesting memorabilia; and a re-creation of the bedroom where Ruth was born. There is also a Johnny Unitas exhibit. You won't need more than an hour here.

Betsy Ross House

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 18, 2003

We happened on a fun re-enactment of the creation of the first American Flag. The house is well done and to walk through and see the rooms only takes about 15 minutes.

Liberty Bell Pavilion

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 18, 2003

This is really well done. You come into the Pavilion with a small group and a National Park Ranger tells the story of the Bell. He was very entertaining. Independence Hall is in the background. You have to get tickets to Independence Hall and by the time we made it here the tickets for the day were all gone.

Old Montreal

Montreal, Canada

June 22, 2003

We had a nice walk through the old part of the city. The old buildings are beautiful and there are some nice stores.

Changing of the Guard

Ottawa, Canada

June 23, 2003

We saw the first Changing of the Guard of the season, a thirty minute ceremony on Parliament Hill. The uniforms and hats are very impressive, as was the whole ceremony. There are two sets of soldiers who are changing guard duty at Rideau Hall. The guards are accompanied by a military band that includes bag pipers. A must see in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill

Ottawa, Canada

June 23, 2003

We toured the Parliament Building, which was rebuilt after a fire in 1916. We saw the House of Commons, the Senate Chamber and went up to the top of the tower just under the clock. The tour was very interesting and an hour well spent.

CN Tower

Toronto, Canada

June 24, 2003

We had a fabulous lunch with Hazel and Peter, friends of Miles' from when he first lived in Canada. The 360 Restaurant makes a full rotation in about an hour and from our table we got a great view of the entire city. Peter and Hazel pointed out all of the key sites in the city. The food was exceptional and it was a real pleasure to spend time with Hazel and Peter.

Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

June 25, 2003

The falls are incredibly impressive. Horseshoe Falls (the falls on the Canadian side) have 34 million gallons of water per minute flowing over them. We did one of the tourist things this visit. We went behind the falls in the tunnels that run back behind horseshoe falls. There are two portals that look out on the water coming down. Unfortunately, the water comes down so hard that you can't see much more than a giant wall of water. The falls are worth the trip and the gardens all around them are beautiful as well.

Cooperstown and Lake Otsego

Cooperstown, New York

June 25, 2003

Noelle, Eric, Johnny, Annie, and Mary were great hosts. They let us stay in their guest house and fed us fine Cooperstown fare. Eric and Johnny took us out on lake Otsego and up to this little castle on the water. We walked into town later for ice cream. It is a very cute little town with lots of shops loaded with baseball memorabilia. This is a fun place to visit even if you don't care for baseball and a must see if you do.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Cooperstown, New York

June 26, 2003

Eric arranged for us to meet with Dale Petroskey, the President of the Hall of Fame. Dale was very gracious not to mention a fountain of information. He clearly loves baseball and shared his passion with us. He also tackled the tough questions that Sam and Max through at him: What will it take for Pete Rose to get in the Hall? and Who decides what team a player enters the Hall as a member of?

The Hall itself was great. We really enjoyed the Records Room with all of the records both overall and by active players. The history of baseball exhibits were also a lot of fun, particularly the origins of baseball. Of course, the actual Hall of Fame with the plaques is special.

A must stop on any baseball adventure.